Drupe's Dialer makes it the Contacts App to Rule Them All


If you have not used Drupe before now would be a great time to start. Drupe is a contacts app that turns the traditional smartphone communications paradigm on its head. With all the various platforms we use to communicate, from new medium like Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Snapchat, to stalwarts like phone calls, texts, and emails, the utilities used for contacting others has grown vast and fragmented. In all likelihood you open the default contacts app on your phone when you want to call or text, and any of the aforementioned apps when you want to contact someone on a modern communications platform.

Drupe drastically simplifies this process because once you activate Drupe, you can reach any of your contacts from whichever platform you want, and it's always a swipe away. Rather than hop between other apps to meet your communication needs Drupe becomes the app you open first; the fact it acts as a mini launcher that can be opened from any app, home screen, or lock screen with a swipe of a preset hotspot or set of moveable floating dots doesn't hurt matters either.


Up until now there was one gaping hole within Drupe's slick offering: the inclusion of a dialer for phone calls. Drupe's most recent update fills this gap in a great way. Now with the press of a button you can open up a dialer similar to the default Android dialer and start typing a number to find a contact. Once you start typing Drupe automatically filters contacts and presents options for contacting them; the dialer acts as a mechanism to call numbers, search for contacts, and contact them however you please. The system is quite brilliant and is unique to Drupe. Even the most advanced dialers don't offer the flexibility of Drupe because it combines the power of its contacts app and access to other messaging platforms from the dialer itself.

Overall Drupe is a fantastic experience. The UI is beautiful, the functionality is on point, the features are innovative, and it simplifies communications – the most basic purpose of any smartphone. The app is free and I have not come across any in-app purchases since I began to use it. At the very least try it out, you can't lose, and it might just become your new favorite app.

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