Download The Final Android M Preview Builds

marshamallow statue

Starting with last year’s Android Lollipop, Google introduced developer previews of the Android operating system at their annual Google IO developer conference, which would allow developers and individual Android users to get their hands on early builds of the upcoming Android operating system. Last year brought forward the Android L developer preview of which there were a few different releases before Google finally unleashed the final version and launched it as Android Lollipop. This year at the developer conference Google unveiled the Android M developer preview and thus far there has been two releases of the software, each with their own additions and newly tweaked features.

The latest and final build of the Android M developer preview is finally here, following the announcement of the name for Android M which is now officially known as Android Marshmallow. Now that the cats’ outta the bag with the latest tasty treat scheduled to hit Android devices in the Fall, Google is giving anyone who has the compatible devices and the desire a chance to install the latest build of the Android Marshmallow developer preview and if you have a little bit of time on your hands you can download and flash the images to your device right now.

As with earlier versions of the Android M dev preview, this will only be available for a select number of different devices, which in this includes the Nexus Player, the Nexus 5, the Nexus 6, and the Nexus 9 tablet. You can download and flash the latest and final image to your device as of now, but it’s recommended you only do so if you’re aware of the process. You’ll find the download links listed below for all four of the above mentioned devices coming straight from the Google servers. Right now the dev preview is only available to those Nexus devices listed above, but if you’re patient you won’t have to do any flashing as Google has mentioned that OTAs will begin to be sent out to supported devices in the near future which means you’ll be able to simply install it like you would any other software update.

Nexus 5 (GSM/LTE) “hammerhead”

Nexus 6 “shamu”

Nexus 9 “volantis”

Nexus Player “fugu”