Dimensions For The Moto 360S And Moto 360L Leaked


Motorola’s next-gen Moto 360 smartwatch is all but official, as the company hasn’t yet confirmed any of the details surrounding this year’s version of the upcoming Android Wear device. That isn’t to say there is nothing to know about it, thanks to the numerous image leaks which seem to confirm the existence of the watch. It’s also likely coming in three different variations: rumored small and large models known as the Moto 360S and Moto 360L, and a recently leaked sport model which appears to come with a rubberized band and sport like appearance much like was seen on the Sony Smartwatch 3 when it first launched. Now, there are new leaked details which suggest the sizes of both the small and large size watches.

The information comes from twitter user @upleaks, claiming that the upcoming small version of the watch will be sporting a 1.37-inch display wrapped inside of a 42mm watch case body, and a band that is 20mm. The leaked information (which can be found via Twitter) is said to have a slightly bigger 1.55-inch sized display wrapped inside of a 46mm body, and carry a watch band that is 22mm. The size differences are not all that drastic, but they should be noticeable enough. If these sizes are true, then the large size model will be fairly close to the size of the original Moto 360 which also sports a 46mm body, yet a 1.56-inch display.

The Moto 360 from last year also originally came with a 23mm band, so the band on this large model of the second edition watch will seemingly be a tad bit smaller. having said this, Motorola eventually ended up offering a smaller 18mm band with the original model from last year as well, so chances are they could end up offering different sized band options this year too. Both the small and large size 2nd Gen Moto 360 are said to have slightly different battery sizes as well to better provide power for the size of the displays. Motorola is rumored to be showing these watches off at IFA this week, or at least that’s what has been speculated, so perhaps more details will be surfacing this week. Motorola has also seemingly stopped selling the original Moto 360 on the Moto Maker website, so this could be an indication that the second gen watch is close to an announcement.