Deal: Tile (2nd Gen) Bluetooth Tracker For Only $25

August 21, 2015 - Written By John Anon

This week saw Tile announce its next generation Bluetooth tracker. For those unfamiliar with Tile, they make Bluetooth trackers which are designed to make sure you always know (or at least can find) your smartphone. This second generation tracker offers three key features. The first is that it simply allows you to find your phone when it is nearby by hitting the button and sounding off the ringer. If you cannot find your phone, then you can head over to a web app which will show you its last location. Not to mention, you can even pair it with someone else’s phone and it will highlight how far away the newly paired phone was from the old phone at the point of last contact. In fact, although this seems like a good option for you phone, it is as equally good option for your keys, your wallet or anything else you do not want to lose. If you are interested, you can currently pick a Tile tracker up from Amazon for $25 each or a multi-pack of four for $70. In fact, an 8 pack is available for$130 and you can even get a 12 pack of Tile trackers for only $180. Hit the link below to find out more.

Tile (Gen 2) Bluetooth Tracker $25