DEAL: Jarv Joggerz PRO Bluetooth Headphones Only $14.99 W/Code

August 14, 2015 - Written By John Anon

One of the markets which has seen a real boom of late, is that of Bluetooth accessories. As the technology evolves so does the products and now, gone are the days in which consumers are forced to endure a wired life. While this is beneficial for most people and their home systems, where the use of a wire-free lifestyle can really be of benefit is for the Bluetooth headphones and earphones markets. As such, consumers no longer need to be literally, tied to their headphones and can instead enjoy a much greater level of audio freedom. This seems to be specifically benenficial for the more active users and those hitting the gym. Take the Jarv Joggerz Pro for instance. These are Bluetooth headphones that are designed with sport and health oriented consumers in mind. They are designed to be extremely lightweight and offer the user a great level of greater freedom when taking part in various activities including walking, running or during daily workouts.

Making use of Bluetooth 4.1, the Joggerz Pro Headphones offer a great level of Bluetooth connectivity and can connect to a target device from as much as thirty feet away. Not to mention, that in spite of their lightweight nature, the battery on the Joggerz Pro Headphones offers up to 20 hours of playback per charge. They also recharge fully in about two hours, making them a real viable option for daily usage. Not forgetting, that due to their Bluetooth connectivity feature, as well as playback, the Joggerz Pro Headphones offer hands-free calling. The headphones come with controls so you can answer/reject calls, skip tracks or adjust the volume. All without having to physically use your smartphone. In terms of sound, the Joggerz Pro also are equipped with high quality and powerful drivers to ensure that your audio experience is as rich as possible.

The best feature of these headphones right now is their price. The Joggerz Pro Bluetooth Headphones retail for $25.99 but are currently available on Amazon as part of the Amazon Best Deals for only $19.99. However, if you use our coupon code JRVJOPAH, you can save another $5 off of the price, bringing the total down to only $14.99. For this price, these headphones are a real bargain. You can order yours or find out more by hitting the link below.

Jarv Joggerz Pro Bluetooth Headphones $14.99 Coupon code: JRVJOPAH

Jarv Joggerz Pro Black 6

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Jarv Joggerz Pro Bluetooth Headphones $14.99 Coupon coe: JRVJOPAH