The Country Availability API Shows An App's Geographical Footprint


In spite of the industry being relatively new, the app world is already developing its own motto. There is an app for that. And true enough, there is literally an app for everything. In fact, as the market continues to grow and more developers begin to see the revenues that can be generated from android apps, there is no longer 'an app for everything', but 'many apps for everything'. The good news for the end user is that the selection available for the type of app they are looking for, will continue to grow and offer users a much greater selection of apps and hopefully, more chance of finding the app which is best curated to their needs.

The only problem with the android app world is that it is somewhat fragmented. Not all apps are available everywhere. Most android device owners will be well aware of the 'this app is not compatible with your device' prompt encountered, but did you know that a lot of the times it might not be your actual device that is not compatible with an app but instead the geographical location of your device. Some apps are just not available in some regions. Of course, if you are an app developer, then chances are, that you're more than aware of the geolocation restrictions on apps. What's more is that you might be wondering how you can find out where you should be marketing your app?

Well, whether you are an end user, a developer or just interesting in finding out how some apps are geographically positioned, then now you can thanks to a new tool being offered by 42matters. The Country Availability API is designed to help people to better understand the geographical footprints of apps and offers the opportunity to better understand which apps are marketed in which regions and countries. This will be invaluable to developers looking to find out where they can market their app, as the API will show you where competitor apps best operate. Alternatively, find relevant content apps for recommendations based on a user's location. Not to mention, if you are looking to research the footprints of apps, then you can see which trends develop in which regions. In short, no matter what type of app you are interested in or developing, if it is listed on the Play Store then the Country Availability API is perfectly designed to provide you with the market research you will need to understand the greater Worldwide app market.

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