Buy and Sell Furniture with Move Loot Android App

August 14, 2015 - Written By Cory McNutt

Have you ever been in a position where you needed to move out of a place in a hurry and do not have the time nor the money to pack up your furniture?  We have a solution for you called Move Loot, the new app for Android devices that will help you sell those annoying chairs, couches, desks or more.  Maybe circumstances are reversed – you just sold your stuff, moved into a new place, and need to furnish it with other stuff…Move Loot can help you do that as well.  Maybe you will end up buying some of your old furnishings back, after all, they may look pretty nice on Move Loot’s website.

If there is a downside to Move Loot it would have to be the limited areas you can use the app.  Currently they are serving San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Jose, Marin County, Peninsula, Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, Atlanta and New York City.  So if you live in parts of California, North Carolina, Georgia or New York, you might want to take a look at Move Loot.  Once on their website you can punch in your zip code to see if they serve your area.

Move Loop explains how they work.  You create a submission for the items you wish to sell through their site or mobile app.  Move Loot will email you to let you know what items they will accept.  Then they will bring a truck to you place and pick up the furniture free of charge.  They photograph and post the items online and when they sell, you get a payout…all you do is sit back and relax while you wait.  When they pick up the furniture, they will disassemble, wrap and move the items.  Items will be posted within 7 business days and once posted, that is when the 60-day consignment window starts.  If your items have not sold within 30 days, they can mark the items down to 40-percent off. After the 60 window is up, you have the option to allow them to donate your items to a local charity or pay a small fee to have them returned to you.

If you are looking to buy from Move Loot, you browse their marketplace for items you like – the items are divided by categories to make shopping easier.  Go through the checkout process and select a delivery date.  Move Loot’s moving team will deliver and install the pieces you purchased to your home or office and even assemble it if necessary.  If you are unhappy with your purchase, then you have 48 hours post-delivery or 1-week post purchase…whichever comes first.

So selling or buying can easily be done through Move Loot if they operate in your area. Hopefully, business will be good enough to allow them to expand into other states, cities or localities.  Download the free app today and browse through their catalog.