Brazil's Anatel Certifies Motorola '360S' And '360L' Devices

Just earlier today Motorola sent out a tweet regarding the Moto 360, which seems to show off what looks like a new design thought to be of the second generation of their Android Wear smartwatch. The embedded video shows of a brief glimpse of the watch which doesn't look too much different from the current model which consumers can pick up for $149 now, save for a single tweak to the way the band attaches to the watch casing. Now it looks like two variants of a Moto 360 have just passed through Brazil's version of the FCC, known as Anatel, which could signal the coming of more than one Moto 360 smartwatch.

The listings for the products are labeled as the 360S and the 360L, which may point to there being more than one version of the 2nd Gen Moto 360 getting launched later on, although it's entirely possible these different labels are just to denote the different variants of the watch meant for different regions. They could also refer to the watch coming in two different sizes, small and large. Following these two devices showing up in Anatel's filings, it seems that the telecommunications agency has issued a certificate of compliance for each product meaning it's passed their regulations for being sold in the region.

The two certificates reveal that both products will support Bluetooth LE and WiFi b/g/n, which makes it more convincing that these could be two of Motorola's new smartwatches. Bluetooth would be used for the connection to a smartphone for data so the watch could receive notifications when not near a WiFi network, but the WiFi b/g/n support would allow these two devices to connect to a WiFi hotspot if within range of it to be untethered from a smartphone for data connection, a feature which hit Android Wear with the coming of the 5.1 update. It would also appear that both the batteries have been listed, pointing to non-removable units in the capacity of 270mAh for the 360S and 375mAh for the 360L, which also suggests two different sized watches. None of this concrete enough to say the follow-up to last year's Moto 360 is near, but it's enough to get the mind wondering and we are awfully close to the time frame of the original Moto 360 release from last year.

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