BMW Looks At Alphabet For Trademark Infringement

AH Alphabet 21

Less than a week into its birth Alphabet is already in hot water, maybe. German Car maker BMW is looking into Alphabet for trademark infringement of one of its subsidiaries. First; did anyone other than BMW employees even know a division of BMW was called Alphabet. The answer to that question is most likely no. So if the general public had no idea, probably most people in the Google camp didn’t know either. Nonetheless BMW is moving ahead with its investigation, even though no legal action is about to happen. A BMW spokeswoman Micaela Sandstede had this to say “We are examining whether there are any implications over trademarks.” BMW also owns a domain name with the name Alphabet, so this is not the first time someone has tried to steal Alphabet from BMW. Micaela Sandstede went on to say BMW was “not informed ahead of time of plans by Mr. Page and Mr. Brin to create a company called Alphabet and had not received any offers to buy the Internet domain or the trademark.” BMW spokeswoman Micaela Sandstede continued by saying Alphabet is a “very active” part of BMW’s business. BMW’s Alphabet is a subsidiary that services to companies with vehicle fleets, which sounds nothing like Google’s Alphabet.

No matter what BMW finds, this seems to be a losing battle on their part. For BMW to prove anything, they would have to be able to produce evidence that Alphabet intends to confuse BMW’s customers and offers services close to what BMW is offering. Alphabet has that covered seeing as though all the companies under the Alphabet umbrella range from things like life longevity and who clicks the most ads in a day. So far none of these firms features luxury automobiles. Another feather in Google’s cap is that when it announced Alphabet it made it clear Alphabet is just the name of all the companies under it. Alphabet does not create or design anything. So one can imagine if a corporation does not produce a product, how can it be sued at all.

Alphabet is a relatively common company name here in the United States with 103 different trademarks already on the books. Information like that kind of makes you wonder if any other corporation had renamed itself Alphabet would BMW makes this much of a fuss. Who knows, but by the look of things it seems like the Alphabet name in the tech world is here to stay.