Blackberry CEO Comments on Future with Android

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So we have seen a few leaked photos of stock Google Apps running on what appears to be an Android Blackberry handset, and now we have more to add to that suspicion.  Blackberry CEO John Chen sat down with Re/code and didn’t give too much information but hinted at the future of the company.  

The biggest reason Blackberry is where it is today is because of its operating system.  We are sure there are a lot of business people out there today that would love to have their Blackberry back in their hands if it ran all the apps they wanted.  There is plenty of people who would love to have that physical keyboard back in their hands if all their work apps and games would work on a Blackberry.  No one could argue Blackberry’s secure network was what made it very attractive to governments, businesses, and even celebrities.  

Chen took over Blackberry with what many thought was the unthinkable, try to stop the downward spiral and start making money.  Everyone in the tech world knew the biggest problem with Blackberry at the time was its lack of applications.  We have recently seen images of Android running on a Blackberry device but will we see that as consumers?  Chen was vague when he talked about that just saying it was complex.  With someone off his knowledge, expertise, and experience they must have hit a few roadblocks in trying to get a full functioning Android to work on a Blackberry.  Now from the leaks and from Chen’s’ hints we know they are trying to make this happen.  He was quoted as saying Amazon’s App Store was not competitive to Google Play or iTunes and they are working hard to correct that.  

Now there is a need and a demand for the physical keyboard to come back which is why Samsung made their keyboard cover.  So Let’s hope Blackberry can figure out how to make this work and get a well built, well functioning phone out to market because if this is another failure it looks like the world might not see another Blackberry built smartphone.