Bing Launches Feature To Compete With Google Now On Tap

AH Bing 1

Bing is an extremely underrated and overly criticized search engine; not as much for being bad, but for always living under Google Search’s shadow. The Microsoft-owned service was created back in 1998 under the name of MSN Search, but was relaunched in 2009 under the catchy name of Bing. Since then, the unpopular search engine has been making lots of progress, with new features and improvements being added on a regular basis. But said updates, have almost always felt like they were being released just to catch up with Google’s own search engine, whose main goal is to innovate and make the lives of its users better. Today wasn’t the exception, only this time Microsoft actually launched a new feature before Google even had the chance to release it. Starting today, the Bing app for Android will include a feature that Android users have been eager for Google to implement on Google Now. The new feature is called ‘Snapshots on Tap’ and seems to be the equivalent of the unreleased Google Now on Tap.

Bing’s new Snapshots on Tap will show the user relevant information about whats currently displayed on the device’s screen without ever leaving the application you are using. For example, if you are chatting with a friend and he casually asks about the score of his favorite football team’s game last night, you will be able to seamlessly activate Bing’s Snapshot on Tap and the app will automatically provide the score for the game, as well as other key aspects; all of this so that you can easily be informed about any topic at any given time.

Microsoft took advantage of the long time Google has taken to release the highly anticipated Now on Tap and launched Bing’s Snapshot on Tap for the Android enthusiast that just cannot wait to try out Google’s upcoming feature. Although Bing’s latest feature is not perfect, it gives users a glimpse to what might come in the near future when Google launches the highly anticipated Now on Tap. Those interested in trying the Bing option out can do so by heading over to the Play Store (source link below) and downloading the latest version of the Bing Search app.