Bethesda Highlights Fallout Shelter Success Details

August 19, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Gamers the world over will likely be familiar with the name Bethesda Softworks. They’re a big name gaming studio responsible for some of video games most popular franchises like The Elder Scrolls and the ever popular Fallout. Recently Bethesda finally launched their hit mobile game (which is their first mobile game) Fallout Shelter onto Android, last week in fact, and after seeing the success on the iOS platform it was quite likely they would be seeing some of the same success on Android. Today Bethesda has put out an infographic which highlights the details of the game’s success since it launched officially earlier this year.

The game has been out roughly a month, perhaps a little bit more, and since then it’s reached an estimated 85,391,869 vaults that have been created in game. For those who are unaware with the terminology, a vault is basically the underground shelter which you create in game to house what Fallout calls “dwellers.” These are just humans. The game is about building your vault up to epic proportions and along the way you can encounter all kinds of stuff from raiding parties destroying your vault to keeping your dwellers happy and alive. You can even get your dwellers to populate the vault and have kids. They also have to generate income as well as resources to keep things moving, which you’ll sometimes have to scour for out in the wasteland by sending your dwellers out to explore.

Aside from the number of vaults that have been created which is a staggering number indeed, Bethesda states that there have been nearly as many babies born within Fallout Shelter as there are created vaults, reaching a number of 81,996,694. A total of 64,913,105 dwellers have explored the wasteland to find useful items and resources for their masters (referred to in-game as overseers), and there have been a total of 41,868,100 raider attacks. This has all accrued over a total of 29,076,178 hours played in game by users, all in just a little over a month. These are impressive stats especially when you consider the length of time the game has been available. If you’re not playing Fallout Shelter yet, perhaps you should be. It’s free, and it’s available on both major mobile OS platforms. Get to it, overseer.