Back To School 2015 Buying Guide – Fitness Tracker


School may still be more than a month away, but that doesn't mean you can't get a head start on things which could help you stay in shape during the school year. Fitness and activity trackers are great companions to your smartphone and can help you by tracking everything from your calories burned to your sleep patterns to help you get a good night's rest before that all important exam in the morning. Here's a list we've put together of some the top trackers worth your while.

Fitbit SurgeAH Fitbit Surge-22

The Fitbit Surge is more than just an activity tracker. It's an activity tracker with smartwatch-like tendencies including text message and phone call notifications as well as music playback controls. It has a large display face that's also touch sensitive so you can interact with it either using the display or with the buttons on the sides. It tracks your sleep patterns, your steps, as well as your location if you turn on the GPS, and it continually tracks your heart rate. It's also water resistant so you shouldn't worry about rain or sweat. You can grab these on Amazon for about $240 right now.


Fitbit Surge

Fitbit Charge HRAH Fitbit Charge HR-13

If smartwatch features and a larger display aren't your thing, you can opt for a slightly more simple model from Fitbit with the Charge HR. It still has the water and sweat resistant nature to it as well as the continuous heart rate tracking, but it lacks the larger face, the GPS, and the music controls. It's more focused on keeping you connected to and in touch with your activity and fitness data, and it's a less than the Surge, and saving money is never a bad thing. You can grab them at Amazon for around $149.95

Fitbit Charge HR


Sony Smartband TalkSony SmartBand Talk AH 08

The Sony Smartband Talk gives you a little more than most trackers out there, with the ability to also place calls with it in addition to standard tracking features. One benefit is that it's fully waterproof thanks to the IP68 certification which means you can immerse it in water without fear of damage. You can also take showers with it, if you wish, although there's no reason to. The display on the Smartband Talk also lets you read messages, Facebook notifications or calendar info. It also tracks your sleep automatically and counts your steps among other things. Right now you can pick these up on Amazon for about $199.99.

Sony Smartband Talk

Xiaomi Mi BandXiaomi MI Band AH 03

This is Xiaomi's offering in the mix for fitness trackers and activity trackers, and it comes in at a fraction of the cost of most available options. That also unfortunately means it won't stow as many features on board, but if you're looking for something a little more simple this may do the trick for you. In terms of features it's pretty basic and tracks your steps, your sleep, and can be used as an alarm. If this is the kind of simplicity you want, youc an pick these up on Amazon for around $23 – $25.


Xaiomi Mi Band

Huawei Talk Band B2Huawei TalkBand B2 AH-45

The Talk Band B2 from Huawei is another option which comes a little more equipped than other offerings. Not only is it a fitness/activity tracker, but it's also a Bluetooth headset. It can track and monitor your fitness activities and relay the data to you on the smart display, track your sleep and act as a sleep alarm. You can also use it to control your camera and find your device if you misplace it around the home or office, or classroom. If this sounds like a set of features you want, you can grab these on Amazon for around $159.99.

Huawei Talk Band B2


Misfit ShineMisfit Shine

Misfit Shine is for those who want some basic activity tracker features in a more stylish and fashionable package. You can customize it a bit with the selection of different colored bands and different colored trackers, and it can be worn around your wrists or your ankles depending on what you're doing for your activities. It'll track things like walking, running, swimming, cycling, soccer, tennis and more, and lets you know how active you're being with a display of lights around the edge of the tracker. You also don't have to charge the Misfit Shine at all as you can simply replace the battery inside after about six months. If this sounds like the Tracker for you, these go for about $61 on Amazon.

Misfit Shine

Jawbone UP3Jawbone UP3

The UP3 from Jawbone helps you track things like calories burned, sleep, steps taken, distance, and based on the type of activities you're engaging in like running, swimming, and soccer just to name a few, UP3 can learn how you move to provide you better insights. It als has advanced sleep tracking capabilities like REM and deep sleep as well as the quality of your sleep. You can grab the Jawbone UP3 on Amazon for about $149.99.


Jawbone UP3