AT&T Patching Devices Against Stagefright Vulnerability


A number of devices across carriers seem to be receiving patches to combat a security flaw found in Android’s multimedia tool Stagefright. According to reports doing the rounds, Google has already rolled out patches for Nexus 5 and 6 earlier in the day, and now Sprint and AT&T seem to be following suit. As for the security hole, the flaw was originally discovered by Zimperium zLabs, and reported first by Forbes, late last month. While Google had patched things up at its end, carriers and manufacturers have thus far struggled to get things up and running at their ends, leading to the delayed rollouts of patches, leaving millions of devices across the globe vulnerable to attacks.

Coming to the patch being rolled up by AT&T, the carrier says it is rolling out a “device security enhancement” update to at least four different Samsung smartphones, namely the Galaxy Note 4 (N910A), Galaxy S6 Active (G890A), Galaxy S5 (G900A) and the Galaxy S5 Active (SM-G870A). None of the updates are adding any new features, according to AT&T, but will come with the singular focus to patch the Stagefright vulnerability. Firstly, coming to the Galaxy Note 4, the update for the device comes with a 154 MB file size, and has the baseband version N910AUCU2COC6. The build number for the update is LRX22C.N910AUCU2COC6. The Galaxy S5 update will have the baseband version G900AUCU4BOF3 and carry a build number of LRX21T.G900AUCU4BOF3. The update size in this case will be a rather hefty 301 MB. As for the Galaxy S6 Active, the update comes with a file size of 197 MB, and carries the baseband version G890AUCU2AOF4 and build number LRX22G.G890AUCU2AU2AOF4. Finally, coming to the Galaxy S5 Active, it too will have a rather large update file at 299 MB. The baseband version for the incoming update is G870AUCU2BOF3, while the build version is LRX21T.G870AUCU2BOF3.

The update will be available OTA, and owners of the aforesaid devices will be able to check for the same by going over to Settings > System > About Device, and then tapping on Software Updates > Check for Updates. All the devices will continue stay on Android 5.0 Lollipop after this patch is applied, so no new features or even bug fixes are expected as part of this patch, as already mentioned above.