AT&T Change Mobile Share Value Plan Pricing & Data Allowances


AT&T have been on somewhat of a promotion spree of late. Since the company took over DirecTV, there has been a number of announcements coming from the carrier offering various deals to new and existing customers. The first came less than two weeks ago when the company announced that they were offering the first of its kind combined Mobile and TV package. In short, if you subscribe to both Mobile and TV services then you can lump them into one easy-to-pay bill. Following which, AT&T then announced a few days ago, that DirectTV customers could save up to $500 per line that they port over to AT&T. This was made up of a straight $300 value bill credit for switching each line and then a further possible $200 per line for each old smartphone that was traded in for a new one on AT&T.

Well it looks like the August announcements from AT&T are not quite finished yet, as the company has today announced some changes to their Mobile Share Value Plans. These plans offer a set allowance of shareable date for a set monthly fee. According to AT&T, the new changes are designed to offer customers more data or a slightly lesser cost, or in some cases, both. However, the more you get (for the lesser cost) seems to be on an up-sliding scale. So for the the top tier plans you do get a lot more for the money.


In terms of the details, if you were on the 300 MB for $20 plan, then there is no change and both the data allowance and cost remains the same. For those on the 2GB for $25 or 3GB for $40 plans, these have been replaced by a middle-offering of 2GB for $30. The previous 6GB plan for $70, now becomes a 5GB for $50 plan. Once you start hitting the $100 plan is where real gains can be made. Previously, for $100 there was 10GB on offer, while the cost remains the same, the data allowance has now risen to 15GB. The previous 20GB for $150 still offers the same 20GB allowance, although the cost has now gone down to $140. Finishing off the list, a new 25GB option has been added which will cost you $170.

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