AT&T Already Shipping Galaxy Note 5 Pre-Orders

August 14, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Yesterday was a big day for the Samsung faithful, as well as the wider mobile and Android community. This was thanks to the South Korean company finally taking the veil off their latest Note range device, the Galaxy Note 5. It had also long been reported that the company was planning on unveiling a larger Galaxy S6 Edge, in a ‘+” version and that was exactly what happened when they launched the Galaxy S6 Edge+ alongside the Note 5. That said, what nobody was expecting was how quickly the pre-orders for the two devices would open up.

It has been rumored just a day before the event, that sales may take place quite soon after the event. This was thanks to a leaked Sprint promo which surfaced and confirmed as much. However, during the announcement, Samsung confirmed those interested in picking up the Galaxy Note 5 or S6 Edge+ could pre-order the two devices as earlier as 3PM EST the same day. That said, there is a difference between pre-ordering and actually getting your hands on the device once it has shipped. With an expected in-store date of August 21st, some were expecting a week at least before they could get their hands on their recently pre-ordered device.

Well, that not seem to be the case now, as reports are already coming in that AT&T has now begun shopping. At least, for the Galaxy Note 5. One user even shared their shipping confirmation with Phone Arena (image below) and as such, it does seem to be pretty much confirmed now that shipping has commenced for the Galaxy Note 5. At least on AT&T. Unfortunately, there is no current confirmation that the Galaxy S6 Edge+ has also began shipping, although, it does seem unlikely that AT&T would be shipping one and not the other. Especially, as they both are abiding by the same release schedule and timeframe. If you have yet to order your Note 5 or S6 Edge+, then as mentioned, pre-orders are now live and through a number of the carriers in the U.S. and it looks as through if you order through AT&T, it will be shipping quickly.

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