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Parenting can be hard work, but there are tools available to help make things a little simpler. If you want your kids to be connected yet still have the ability to manage some control over their use of smartphones, FamilyTime - Parent Dashboard can help. It's an  app which gives you the ability to monitor different aspects of your children's connected device use. It gives you parental control of your kids devices from your own device so you can manage stuff even without being with them.

Before you can get started on managing your kids devices, you'll need to head to the Play Store and download the Family Time - Parent Dashboard app.

Family Time gives you a whole dashboard menu to manage the difference devices of your family, with various tools at your disposal.


You can use the app to set up geo-fencing places, allowing you to know when your kids arrive at designated places like school, a friends house etc. This feature also alerts you when they leave these places so you can always be aware of where your kids happen to be.

One of the more popular features might be the app blocker, which allows parents to blacklist specific apps from being installed on their children's devices. With so many apps available these days, this allows you to decide which apps are OK to install on your kids devices if they happen to have their own phone or tablet.

These apps can be blocked remotely too, so you won't need to be on hand to initiate the block which makes it that much more useful.

There's also a remote lock feature which allows you to lock up the device from wherever you are remotely, in the case of your child's phone or tablet being stolen or lost. You can also utilize this feature in the event that kids aren't behaving.

There are also various alerts which can be sent from your kids phones to your own, like panic alerts in the case of an emergency, or an alert to be picked up when they might be done with class or activities. These alerts include location information so you can also see them on the map.

For another element of safety, you can also set up a watchlist so you always know who they're talking to. To initiate this you'll need to add contact numbers to the watchlist.

Family Time is a pretty comprehensive and full-featured app for parents. It seems to offer quite a bit to those who need or want to manage their kids' interaction with their mobile devices, and wit the ability to do things remotely the app really couldn't be any easier to use. The integrated alerts feature with full location data is a really handy feature which many parents should appreciate. Even better though is the ability to block the use of certain apps and remotely lock the device if the need ever arises. You do need to set up an account to use the app, but I found it fairly simple to do and once it was done, using the app was a breeze.


  • Speed (4.5) - Setting up the app was simple enough, and moving through the menus felt nice and snappy.
  • Features (5/5) - The app has plenty of different parental controls all which can be managed from a central main menu known as the Dashboard.
  • Theme (5/5) - The UI is well-designed and looks great. It's put together in such a way that makes it easy to navigate too which will be a boon for parents.
  • Overall (4.5/5) - The app has almost everything a parent could need to assist them in managing their children's phones.


  • Block apps from installation and use
  • Alerts with full location data
  • Great UI
  • Remotely lock phones
  • Location Geo Fencing


  • No text monitoring currently, but this particular feature is in a beta testing phase and should be added to the app soon which will be a big benefit to parents.


In this day and age, parents might need all the help they can get with their kids thanks to existence of mobile devices. While you might want your kids to have a connected device for safety reasons and to have something for communication, having their own mobile device can mean less control if you aren't careful. Family Time - Parent Dashboard gives parents a lot of control with the ability to manage mobile devices remotely from their own phone. With tons of useful features and a great UI that's easy to navigate, parents should love this app.

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