Android Wear Officially Compatible with iPhones Now

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After many rumors, and even seeing it appear on the Huawei Watch’s pre-order page last week, Google has finally made it official. Android Wear smartwatches are now compatible with iPhones. So now if you’re one that uses both Android and iOS, you can use your Android Wear smartwatch with both platforms. A pretty big step for Android Wear as an ecosystem. The idea here for Google is to get more people using Android Wear, similar to the idea behind bringing their apps over to iOS. It’s not so much to compete with Apple’s Watch, but to open up their watches to more users.

Android Wear for iOS is rolling out today. For those interested you’ll need an iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, or 6 Plus running iOS 8.2+. Currently only the LG Watch Urbane works with Android Wear for iOS, however Google is stating that Android Wear for iOS will be rolling out support for other smartwatches real soon. That includes the Huawei Watch – which we should see again later this week – as well as those from ASUS, Motorola, Sony and others.

With Android Wear, you’ll not only have Google Fit to keep track of all your fitness activities, but also have all of your notifications on your wrist. Which means you’ll be able to see your hangouts messages and reply to them right away through your watch. Now it’s unclear if this will support all of the apps on iOS, or just Google ones, and others that are working with Google. The company is only showing us Hangouts on iOS with Android Wear, so we’ll have to wait to hear more from iOS users with an Android Wear smartwatch. Once more, the watch will tell you the time, big surprise there, right?

This has been a long time coming for Google. We’ve heard rumors that they were looking for a way to bring Android Wear cross-platform, and they’ve done it. What will be interesting now, is to see whether more people start buying these Android Wear smartwatches, or if sales remain the same. So far, the Apple Watch has outsold all of Android Wear’s models in much less time with many less models.