Android BlackBerry Hub On BlackBerry Venice Shown In Video

August 22, 2015 - Written By John Anon

BlackBerry news has been coming in thick and fast recently, which is still strange to say when talking about Android. It was only earlier today when news came through about one of the two rumored Android powered BlackBerry devices which is expected to be on the way. The device was the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition and the news was that it is unlikely to arrive unless the other rumored BlackBerry device, BlackBerry Venice, is a success. This news came along with fresh images of the Android powered BlackBerry Passport.

Well, a short while later and more details are coming through about BlackBerry Venice. To be more accurate, there are no further details but there is a new video showing off one of the features. The new video comes courtesy of @evleaks, who has been one of the strongest leakers of ‘BlackBerry on Android’ news since the rumors first broke. It was only yesterday when @evleaks provided a glimpse of the number of BlackBerry dedicated apps which would be available on Venice. To some, these will be the equivalent to a large number of Bloatware apps, while to others, these will be features which make the BlackBerry experience much more BlackBerry-like.

One of the named apps which appeared on the list was the BlackBerry Hub and this is what is being shown off in the new video. For those familiar with the BlackBerry Hub already, they will be aware that the Hub offers a one-stop solution to all your messages. As such, your emails, texts, tweets and so on are all available from the one centralized place, the Hub. Well, this does seem to be one of the features will be coming to Venice and as such Android users will be able to take advantage of this uniformed all-in-one messaging solution. The video is short, but does seem to be a promotional type video which will likely be used once the device is released. Not to mention, you get to see a few more glimpses of what Venice will look like. You can check out the video for yourself by hitting play below.