Android App Updates – Aug. 28th, 2015: Slack, Pocket & More


HotelTonight Partners with HBO Now

This week, HotelTonight announced a new partnership with HBO Now. Which include Silicon Valley set visits and themed vacations. Now this is going to be a pretty big thing for those that are fans of the Silicon Valley TV show. Now that you can book vacations and visit the set.

'Add to Slack' button to allow Slack Integration with all Apps



Slack has created a new "Add to Slack" button, so now you'll be able to share things with your team from a variety of apps. It allows you to quickly post things to Slack without opening the app. The company says it's sorta like the 'Pin it' button from Pinterest. Additionally, Slack has upgraded the free teams, so that instead of having just 5 integrations they can now have 10. A nice touch there, by Slack.

Pocket Gets Updated to v6.0

AH Pocket Recommendations-2

Pocket also updated their app this week, bringing it to the big 6.0. The update brings recommendations. Basically what that does is it recommends content that was saved by millions of other users, but is personalized to your liking. You can tap the recommended tab to discover new content. It's a great way to find new content that you didn't know existed. The update also lays the foundation for more features, which the company says will be added about every 5-6 weeks through the rest of 2015.


Straw makes it easier to find Polls

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 8.17.32 AM

Straw once started out as just a website for easy polls. You didn't even need to sign in. But now it's blossomed and has a full-featured app. The app was updated this week to include a way to discover polls through the app. It's called Topics. So now you can find polls in #Food, #General and a variety of other topics as well. It's pretty neat, and will definitely get people using the app a bit more.

Vine Adds Music to your Looping Videos



This morning, Vine was updated to allow you to add music to your looping videos. So instead of just being boring videos with either no sound or people screaming. You can also add some cool music to the background. The update is available now on Google Play.