Analyst Predicts T-Mobile Will Be Purchased By Comcast

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T-Mobile has been under a lot of pressure lately from the media and its competitors, especially Sprint with whom the company has engaged in a full on Twitter fight. It might seem that the Un-carrier’s struggles have become more prominent over the last few months, which could possibly lead to some rather drastic measures from the company to save themselves from falling into a harsh decline in the near future. Tim Horan, an analyst with Oppenheimer has now published a report in which he states that most carriers will end up being acquired by a pay-TV provider, as it would be the natural evolution of the market. But Horan has noted how T-Mobile could be the first carrier to be purchased by a cable company, namely Comcast or Charter.

The rumor about T-Mobile being acquired in the near future by Comcast has been floating around the web for quite sometime, but there was no strong evidence for it to be confirmed; and although it is still a rumor, Tim Horan from Oppenheimer sounds rather confident in its viability, Horan noted how “Comcast (with TMUS and partnering with other cable companies), AT&T, Verizon Communications and Sprint the four likely surviving companies”. In this statement, Horan didn’t mention T-Mobile as a surviving carrier, which means that for him, the Un-carrier’s acquisition by Comcast is likely. Back in June, a German publication in Manager Magazin, reported that T-Mobile was already negotiating with Comcast for the feasibility of a deal, but this was quickly denied by a source close to Comcast. Which is why Horan noted that if it is not Comcast that purchases T-Mobile, it will be Charter Communications (currently in the process of acquiring Time Warner Cable) that closes the deal. Tim Horan doesn’t foresee another cable company purchasing T-Mobile, in fact, he notes that the chances that the Dish Network buys the company is as low as 10-percent.

The main motivation behind Comcast and Charter Communications working to purchase T-Mobile might be the recent deal struck by AT&T to buy DriecTV satellite service; as the company has been having great success with some of its new plans that include DirecTV’s “Select” bundle with over 145 channels. Tim Horan also stated that “Regardless, of the timing, we expect all four wireless carriers to align with a paid TV provider in some form”.