AMOLED Displays to be Used in Upcoming Huawei, Xiaomi Devices


Ever since Samsung launched the original Galaxy S with their Super AMOLED display technology, there has been a fierce rivalry among smartphone fans and industry analysts alike concerning LCD vs AMOLED. In a nutshell, AMOLED displays – both of the Super and non-Super variety – offer much deeper black colors and a more vibrant and punchy look, they're often a lot brighter as well. LCD panels meanwhile, including those of the IPS variety are often more restrained and realistic in their approach to color reproduction. Not just that, but text is often said to be sharper and easier to make out on LCD panels as well. In the last couple of years, OLED display technology has come a long way, and is now used in watches like the G Watch R from LG and curved AMOLED in the likes of the Gear S from Samsung. Now though, it looks like two Chinese stalwarts are about to adopt the technology for upcoming devices.

A post from analyst Kevin Wang on Chinese social media, IHS Technology Research Director, reasons that Huawei and Xiaomi have their sights set on using AMOLED displays in upcoming devices. While Wang has yet to name any suppliers for these two Chinese giants, it has already been noted elsewhere that Huawei could source their AMOLED panels from Samsung, the leading manufacturer for AMOLED displays. There are however, more than just Samsung available to supply AMOLED panels, but until now their competitors couldn't quite match the uniformity and reliability of Samsung's panels. That seems to have changed, especially if Xiaomi are set to adopt the new technology, as Xiaomi need to keep their device prices as low as possible in order to stay competitive.


Over time, we should hear more about this new adoption of AMOLED panels, but for now it looks like Huawei and Xiaomi will stick with IPS panels up until the end of this year. Users seem to enjoy AMOLED displays more so in Asia than here in the West, so it would make sense that Xiaomi and Huawei are looking to try out the technology. Just when that is however, remains to be seen.

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