Alphabet Shows Off New Logo

Alphabet Logo Google Android AH 1

Yesterday Google was torn apart, and Alphabet rose from the ashes. In that mad scramble of new CEO’s, new divisions, and new leadership was the plain fact that even though Alphabet was the leader Google was still the face. Well, now even that has changed as Alphabet unveiled its new more polished look. With the whimsical Google look, gone Alphabet looks ready to play with the big boys.  It’s a very clean and sharp look that shows maturity. While the Google logo was more video games and pizza, the Alphabet logo is more a jazz band with a Cuban cigar.

Some noted designers and creative executives have given their varied opinion on the new look. As you might have guessed the reaction is all over the board.  Howard Belk, chief creative officer of Siegel + Gale, had this to say “There is a sort of joy to these guys that comes through in how they innovate. They’re saying, “we are unapologetic innovators, we have to be in this tech space.” Steven Heller, design critic added this; “With this new branding the age is moving from adolescence into young adulthood. Its not as corporate as IBM or Westinghouse, but it is simple and to the point. Its also not as obscurantist as Verizon or Altria. It is a name so obvious and unthreatening that it personalizes the growing giant.”

Tobias Frere- Jones, typographer was among those who have not taken to the new logo just yet. Tobias said this; “I keep getting drawn back to this lowercase “a,” which lacks the subtlety of the other forms like it missed a week of letterform school.” “The simple calmness turns fussy and fidgety right in the middle of the word. The three curves fight one another, and the stroke aperture at the top is sure to collapse (literally or seemingly) at smaller sizes.” Paul Munkholm found the new logo and the Alphabet name confusing in general.”First is the name Alphabet. There’s not a clear branding or verbal link to Google or to the other entities. Unlike Virgin, which is clearly a parent brand to businesses like Virgin Air and Virgin Mobile, Alphabet doesn’t have that same connection. The risk here is that for a while, people won’t know how to talk about Google. Google has become such a household name, but should people now talk about Alphabet when they mean Google?”

If the we have learned anything from Google, or Alphabet in the last few days its that they are not afraid of change. Whether it be corporate structure or logos, nothing is safe. But if their recent stock price is any indicator the world loves the change and is ready for the all new Alphabet logo and all.