Additional Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch Images Pop Up

August 14, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Yesterday was a big day for both Samsung, and fans of Samsung’s products. This Korean tech giant has unveiled their Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ phablets during their press conference in New York. The two devices are actually exactly what we’ve expected both in terms of design and specs. We’ve covered the launch of both of these phablets extensively, and are not here to talk about them, but something else Samsung has teased during that conference. This Korea-based company has released a Gear S2 smartwatch teaser during the conference, and ever since that happened, additional Gear S2 content keeps on coming.

We’ve already shared a couple of images of Samsung’s Gear S2 smartwatch, and now have some additional ones to share with you, courtesy of Samsung and Engadget. If you take a look at the gallery down below, you’ll notice all of Gear S2 images we’ve managed to gather thus far, including the new ones which came from Engadget. We don’t have that many details when it comes to this smartwatch at this point, but it’s most probably running Samsung’s Tizen OS. Judging by its name, this smartwatch will be a direct successor to the Gear S, but the two watches have very little in common as far as the design goes. Samsung has really improved the design here, and the Gear S2 looks really sleek on the available images.

If you take a look at the UI on this watch, you’ll quite clearly see that this is not running Android Wear. The original Gear S was running Tizen OS, so this one is probably in the same boat. What about the specs of this thing? Well, we don’t have any info as far as that goes at the moment, but we do know that this watch will be unveiled during IFA in Berlin next month. To be more specific, Samsung will showcase the Gear S2 in Berlin on September 2nd, and considering we’ll attend IFA, we’ll definitely check out this smartwatch and bring you plenty of coverage to check out. Stay tuned for additional news in the meantime though, we’re sure Samsung will release more teasers this month, and we might even see a spec leak or two.