A Closer Look – Action Memo on the Galaxy Note 5

August 24, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Other than the Galaxy Note 5 being a large device, many users love the Galaxy Note line for one thing. The S Pen. Now when Samsung first announced the Galaxy Note, 5 generations ago, many of us thought adding a stylus was stupid. We were all wrong. Dead wrong. Since 2010 Samsung has owned the Phablet market. And when competitors attempt to make their own Phablet, the one thing users ask over and over again, is where’s the stylus?

The S Pen is back again this year with the fifth Galaxy Note. And the features haven’t changed a whole lot. But they have gotten better, as is common when they have another year to bake in the oven. Action Memo is on of my favorite features of the Galaxy Note 5. And today we’re gonna talk about it.

Pulling out your S Pen you’ll see Air Command open up. The top option there is for Action Memo. Now basically what this is, is a way for you to take notes with your pen. So you’re taking a hand written note here. Which is definitely old school, but still pretty cool. Now you can save these notes to S Note or Evernote. Pretty cool that Samsung has Evernote integration here, although that’s not new actually.

With Action Memo, you can also change the way the background looks as well as just taking notes to share.  One of the other cool features of Action Memo is the fact you can link to action your note. So for instance you write a Web address, you can then two on ‘MORE’  and choose ‘Link to Action’ and it’ll read that note and open up the Web address. Same thing for phone numbers as well as email addresses. Now it’s likely still easier for most people to just type it into a browser or contact card, but it’s still really cool.

A few other features in Action Memo include being able to pin a note to your home screen. Which means you basically have a sticky note. It’s great for to do lists, as it’s always there in your face, no matter what you’re doing. For those of you that are artistic, you can draw in Action Memo, although there are plenty of more full-featured apps out there for that, and also erase what you’ve drawn or written.

Action Memo is part of S Note, which well be going more in-depth with pretty soon. It hasn’t changed a whole lot, but it’s still mega useful. I’ve found myself using it quite a bit on the Note 5, even though I’ve hardly used it on previous generation Galaxy Note devices.

There’s lots more to cover on the Galaxy Note 5. So you’ll want to keep it locked to Android Headlines for all the details!