433 Creative Lab To Bring Blade: Redemption To Mobile

Hack and slash games are popular on mobile devices, and part of the reason is because the play style lends itself well to the mobile landscape especially when companies design the game to be played with a touch-based interface. If you're in search for a new hack and slash title to play on your smartphone or tablet, you're in luck as 433 Creative Lab has just announced that following last year's round of funding from Line and TenCent, they'll be launching a new hack and slash title onto mobile devices later this year called Blade: Redemption.

What you'll likely notice first from the screen shots is the visuals. Blade: Redemption will feature high-quality 3D graphics to make for some extremely enjoyable combat. The focus for the game seems to be on PvP combat, as you'll be able to engage in intense multiplayer battles and choose from a wide range of different characters, each who have their own unique abilities of course. What would a collection of characters be though without an equally impressive collection of weapons with which to fight. Blade: Redemption will feature over 100 different weapons to wield in battle with real-time combat. With Arena matches being timed there should feel like there's an extra layer of urgency to focus on unleashing the right attacks at the perfect time to best your opponents.

For those who like loot, Blade features tons of gear to outfit your characters so you can have unique looks from other players, and expect the gear to enhance your stats and abilities as with most hack and slash action rpg games. If you aren't one for PvP type combat, Blade will have over 80 different single player dungeons to go through as well as an infinity dungeon which pits you against 100 rounds of increasingly difficult enemies to test your skills. Blade is also built on Unreal Engine so graphics will likely look better than they do in the images. There wasn't a specific date mentioned for when Blade will be launched onto the Play Store here in the U.S., but when it launches it will be a free-to-play game with optional IAPs for those who wish to spend.

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