2015 LG Nexus Leaks Again, Showing More Angles and Details

Nexus devices always bear the latest and most up-to-date version of Android, and this year's M-flavored release looks to have two flagship devices, one to reportedly be made by Chinese manufacturer Huawei, and another to be supposedly made by LG.  LG's Nexus for 2015 has been one of the most anticipated devices of this year both because it looks to be as stylish and good-looking as the Nexus 5 from 2013 and because it might bear a lower price tag than last year's Nexus 6.

We've seen what has supposedly been a look at the back of a case to fit the upcoming LG-made Nexus.  We got another look at some different angles of the very same.  This time, we get a look at the thickness as well as the orientation of the buttons along the device's profile.  The case shows a rather thick space for the device, but the curves inside look to be a good way for LG to taper to a better-feeling device in the hand.  We've heard that the device will feature a 5.2-inch display, and typically with displays around that size, fitting it into one hand, and especially when it comes to handling the volume and power buttons, but the leaked case seems to show that the new Nexus might feature a single-sided array of buttons, all sitting along the right edge of the device.

Also from the new angles of the case we get a better look at some of the ports on the device.  It looks like LG will be mounting the headphone jack along the bottom, as opposed to the top as with Nexuses past, but that will make audiophiles that like to keep their phone ports-up happy.  What's more, the charging port centered along the bottom looks to be more symmetrical than most micro USB ports in TPU cases, so it looks like we may have a Nexus with USB type-C, just as Google hinted at months ago.

The back of the case, as we saw some days ago, features a cutout for the rear-facing camera (the upper circular cutout) as well as a flash module off the side, or perhaps a speaker, in the square cutout.  Also possible is that the lower circle is the long-rumored fingerprint reader, which will gain native support in Android's upcoming M release.  The square also looks like a good candidate for the fingerprint tech, simply because, if you use your right hand to hold the device, resting your thumb on the three side buttons, your first finger will rest on or nearby the whatever is in the square cutout, and that makes a fingerprint reader that finally is easy to hit and use to casually unlock a device or pay for your groceries.

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