ZTE Axon Watch Unveiled In China

zte axon watch

While ZTE unveiled their latest flagship device, the ZTE Axon last week in the U.S., today has seen the company embark on a much larger launch event in China. The main focus of the event in China was to once again unveil the Axon smartphone, however, that is not the only device the company has unveiled today. Along with the Axon, ZTE unveiled a preciously-rumored biometric version of the Axon, which was unveiled today as the ZTE Axon Lux. Not to mention, the company also unveiled their Spro 2 Smart projector for the Chinese market too.

As well as all those devices, ZTE also unveiled their smartwatch option in the form of the ZTE Axon Watch. As the name suggests, the Axon Watch joins the Axon range of devices and seems to adopt quite a premium look and design. In terms of what’s on offer with the Axon Watch, the smartwatch comes equipped with a 1.4-inch display with Gorilla Glass and Sapphire coating. Inside, the Axon Watch comes equipped with 512MB and powered by a Qualcomm processor. This is along with 4GB internal storage. Powering everything is a 300mAh battery and the Axon watch is IP67 certified for water and dust protection. Not to mention a bunch of sensors to provide you with feedback on details like your heart rate and fitness levels. The device measures 42mm in diameter, 11.5mm in thickness and weighs 49 grams.

Interestingly, the watch does not come running on Android Wear but instead on Tencent OS, which is said to be based off android. Unfortunately, for those who like the look of the Axon Watch, there are no current details on pricing to compare against the alternative options that are currently available. Not to mention, there is also no word on whether the Axon Watch will become available outside of China. This last point seems unlikely in truth, as Tencent OS was thought to be an operating system designed for the Chinese domestic market with a focus on the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile payments. As such, if it does become internationally available, it is possible it might come sporting a different opertaing system.