Yota Deny Switching To Sailfish OS Rumors

AH YotaPhone 2 21

Yota produced one of the surprise devices of the last year in the form of the YotaPhone 2. Of course, nowadays it takes a lot to surprise the smartphone public and manufacturers have taken to producing uniquer form factors like Samsung recently did with their Galaxy Note Edge and S6 Edge devices. However, Yota took the form factor to a whole new level with their YotaPhone 2 as it effectively comes with two displays. The main display on the front coupled with an e-ink display on the back. As such, the device has generated significant attention over the last few months.

Well, over the weekend the company behind the YotaPhone 2, Yota, were in the headlines again. This was due to a number of reports that began emerging suggesting that the company were planning to ditch the android operating system for the Sailfish operating system. Sailfish, is an OS which has been steadily growing in popularity among users and has recently even become available to download and install (in an alpha form) on the OnePlus One. As such, any manufacturer who is intending to move away from android and towards another OS would be big news. Although, the details at the time were very limited, it was being suggested that Yota would employ Sailfish on their devices in the future.

Well, after the initial reports, it now does seem that those rumors were just rumors as Yota have been reaching out and confirming that they have no intention of abandoning android for Sailfish. It is now being reported that Yota has made it clear that they are not only sticking with android, but are very much in the process of working with the next generation of android and therefore, any future devices from the company will remain on the android operating system. For those who are interested in picking up a YotaPhone 2, you should know that the device finally reached the U.S. shores back in May by way of an Indiegogo launch and quickly surpassed its goal total. For those who have ordered through Indiegogo, shipping of devices is expected to commence from August while for those yet to order, the Indiegogo campaign is still live.