Xiaomi's VP Teases The Upcoming 'High Tech' Device

Xiaomi PK teaser 3 1

A couple days ago we shared Xiaomi’s newest ‘PK’ teaser which the company shared on their official Weibo (Chinese social media) account. The company has actually released two such teasers, and the second one suggested that they will announce new Mi TV 3 devices. That might still be true, but it seems like Xiaomi plans to announce something else at said event as well. As a reminder, the Redmi Note 2 and Mi 5 have been leaking like crazy lately, so that’s always a possibility. The Redmi Note 2 is Xiaomi’s upcoming mid-range offering, and the Mi 5 is the highly anticipated flagship. Either way, let’s see what’s this all about.

Xiaomi’s Vice President, Liu De, has posted a new teaser image on his official Weibo account. As you can see in a provided image, we’re definitely not looking at a new Mi TV. Whatever this is, it’s really, really thin. This thing is, according to estimations, only around 5mm thick, and it seems we’re looking at a device made out of metal. Xiaomi’s VP has also added that this new device is ‘high tech’ and ‘beautiful’. The teaser has also mentioned the ‘PK’ tagline which the company already used in their previous teasers, which means this device will also be announced on July 16th, in two days.

What are we looking at here? Well, your guess is as good as ours. But if we had to guess, we’d say this is either a new smartphone, or the long awaited Mi Pad 2 tablet. This thing seems to be a bit too thin to be the Mi 5, though it’s possible, of course. It’s more likely, however, that we’re looking at some other smartphone or Xiaomi’s new Android-powered tablet. We’ve seen a lot of Mi Pad 2 rumors in the past, though the rumors have been rather quiet for quite some time now. Either way, you can expect Xiaomi to introduce yet another premium built device on July 16th, the only question that remains is… what kind of a device. Either way, the launch event is close enough, but if anything new surfaces before the device gets launched, we’ll let you know, stay tuned.