Xiaomi India Teases New Device on July 22nd


Any time Xiaomi teases a new device or outright unveils one it's a big deal no matter where you might be at in the world.  The Chinese manufacturer that has skyrocketed to the top of the charts in many parts of the world always has buzz generated from their products, and this next one certainly won't be an exception.  Taking to Twitter just a few hours ago the Mi India account teased an upcoming device with the words "Something new is coming 22/7, spearheading our #MiAnniversary celebrations. RT with your guesses!"  Of course users who want to take part in the guessing game can hit up the Twitter account below, but we've got a few suggestions as to what it might be.

The most common guess seems to be a 32GB version of the Mi 4i, a phone that launched in India not too long ago to some serious success.  This is Xiaomi's latest mid-range device that's not prices quite so mid-range, coming in at $130 and pushing specs further than most.  The Mi 4i only comes in a 16GB variant right now packing in a fairly small amount of internal storage and doesn't include a microSD card slot, something that has really urked users quite a bit.  This makes the amount of storage packed into the phone incredibly important, and having a 32GB version of the phone would help users out immensely.  Since there's already a pretty obvious 32 shadowed behind the clear 16 in the math equation below we're going for that as the most obvious possibility.


As a more tongue in cheek suggestion it could be a Mi Note Pro for another region, as the match sticks that make up the numbers and equal sign below could signify just how hot the Snapdragon 810 processor gets that powers the Mi Note Pro, among all the others phones packing Qualcomm's latest chipset.  Other possibilities could include the Xiaomi "Libra" which is a more high-end phone running the Snapdragon 808 chipset, and least likely of all for the Mi 5, the successor to Xiaomi's most well-known lineup of phones.  Check out the picture Tweeted by Mi India above this article and of course hit up the Twitter link if you want to take part in the guessing game for what will be unveiled on July 22nd!


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