WhatsApp Rumors Point To Two New Features

AH whatsapp 1.0

Two rumors have surfaced recently that point to some cool new features for the popular messaging app, WhatsApp. Founded in 2009 by two former Yahoo employees, Jan Koum and Brian Acton, WhatsApp was conceived when they both realized that Apple’s app store was about to grow exponentially and would offer great opportunities for developers. Coupled with the fact that they had no jobs and were running low their savings from their time at Yahoo, they contacted a Russian developer that assisted them with making their app a reality. After many months of failure and bugs, they finally had a suitable app that was released on the App Store on October of 2009. WhatsApp quickly became a huge success and was purchased by social giant Facebook in 2014.

The first rumor to pop up was by WhatsApp beta tester IIhan Pektas, who found some code in the beta version of the messaging app that would allow users to “like” photos that were shared among multiple users. While there little else information, it can be safe to assume that the feature would share similarities to the way Facebook allows you to like images on their popular social network, though on a much smaller scale.

The second rumor to makes the rounds was presented by ADSLZone, which states that users of WhatsApp will soon be able to mark their messages as unread, similar to how you would do so in an email. A great feature for those that tend to read their messages quickly but don’t have time to respond. This way you can mark the message as unread, to remember to come back later and reply. A similar feature is already present in their parent company’s other messaging app, Facebook Messenger.

Both of these rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, as all rumors should, as nothing is 100% percent certain until the company either releases the feature or gives an official statement. These two features would make an already great app better however, and judging by how similar these features are to ones already provided by Facebook on its other services, there is good reason to believe that these features will make it to WhatsApp in due time.