Wear Weekly: Will We See a New Moto 360 on July 28th?

The Moto 360 has had an interesting history since the year or more it's been around. It was announced near the same time as Android Wear was, and it was such a stunning piece of hardware that many early adopters stopped in their tracks to wait for the Moto 360, instead of grabbing the G Watch or Gear Live. I was one of those that just had to have Android Wear, and I paid (what I still feel was too much) for the LG G Watch the week it was available, and while I didn't exactly regret that decision, I kept looking at the Moto 360. A few months ago, my G Watch started to act strange, and I swapped to the 360. Amidst all of the battery life disappointments, a practically ancient processor and some quirky casings that would crack here and there, the Moto 360 has had its share of ups and downs.

Still, we have featured it as our number one smartwatch in our monthly buyer's guide for a long, long time now. With good reason too, despite the G Watch R and Watch Urbane offering great-looking experiences, the Moto 360 is the one smartwatch you could recommend to anyone. Not to mention it's going pretty cheap on Amazon right now. So, with the news that Motorola is to launch a new product line come July 28th, will we finally get to see what's next for the Moto 360?

We're fairly optimistic that Motorola will have a second-gen Moto 360 to show off. It might be a completely new design, or more likely a refinement of the already excellent Moto 360. Yearly cycles have become the norm for a lot of things in the tech world these days, but the timing seems perfect for Motorola to launch a new smartwatch. The summer is a notoriously slow period for new technology, and with Samsung apparently locked away working on the "Orbis", Motorola's time to strike is now. With the summer comes good weather (or at least for most of us, anyway) and people like to look their best during the summer months, and a new watch would arguably be part of that. Now all Motorola has to do is to get it on shelves before September.

There's a lot of room for improvement with the Moto 360, but it's a testament of how good a design the original was that people are willing to forgive the small things with the original. My friend has a G Watch R, and he constantly pokes me about the poor battery life and not perfectly circular display, yet I get more compliments for my 360. A perfectly circular display, a modern processor and better battery life could make the second-generation Moto 360 the Android smartwatch to beat throughout 2015 and beyond. I'm excited, and I'm looking forward to what Motorola has to offer later this month, are you?

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