Video Conferencing Apps for Frequent Business Travelers

July 9, 2015 - Written By Darla Sutrich

Many business people are away from home often. This is beneficial in many ways, as it increases business opportunities and promotes networking, but it can also be very difficult when company meetings roll around because the person on the road is unable to participate. There is, of course, phone conferencing, email conferencing, and instant messaging to rely on, but they are all fairly inefficient ways of having an immersive meeting experience. Below is a list of why professional video collaboration software, a technology made possible in the last few years by advances in wireless technology, is, by far, the easiest and most effective way for businesspeople to overcome their meeting-related issues.

  • Simplifying Scheduling – If you’ve ever tried to schedule a meeting with a group of people who are far away, you already know what a nightmare it can be. Finding a time that works for everyone and ensuring that the entire group is actually there at the agreed-upon time is, too often, more difficult than it should, a problem that becomes even more pronounced when differing time zones are thrown into the mix. Video conferencing software eliminates this problem by coming with easy scheduling mechanics. Forms specifically designed to make scheduling easy are made easy to distribute throughout the group and edit in real-time. Group-wide notifications are easy to send, as well.
  • Bridging the Gap – The most famous perk of video conferencing suites is that they enable business travelers to instantly contact any other user in the world, no matter how far away they are. By using the software, a traveler can experience the accessibility of being back in his or her office while on the road. In addition, a businessperson will not have to waste time or energy on travelling when the people he wants to collaborate with are miles – or oceans – away. Almost all modern remote collaboration services even offer a versatile suite of mobile apps that provide phones and tablets with full-featured and visually pleasing versions of the software.
  • Allowing Review – Although video conferencing makes it as easy as possible for travelers to attend all their meetings, there are some rare circumstances, like sudden illness or areas without internet access, that make it impossible. Because video conferencing software is able to record each and every action and communication that transpires during a meeting, travelers who missed out can relive a 100 percent accurate duplicate of the meeting in order to stay up to date.
  • Global IT Support – One of the largest problems that travelling businesspeople run into time and time again is IT issues. They tend to use their laptops and other mobile technology a lot, and, because of the fact that they are constantly moving from network to network, viruses and other software issues are not uncommon. They are always on the move and do not have the time to let the device sit in a repair shop for a week while it has diagnostics run on it, which is why the ability to have IT repairs made remotely through professional conferencing softwares’ networks is a godsend.
  • Increasing Security – Business travelers usually carry highly sensitive business information with them in their computer storage, and, what with frequently using new Wi-Fi networks and staying in a new hotel every week, travel does not loan itself well to staying safe. The bottom line is that keeping valuable information stored locally on a computer you frequently travel around with is not a good idea. Since video conferencing suites are cloud-based, they allow you to store huge amounts of data on the internet. This means you will never run out of storage room, and it also means that strict encryption and other online security measures will be enforced to keep your data from falling into the wrong hands.
  • Deepening Communication – Like we touched upon, professional video collaboration software can indeed recreate the previously unmatched productivity of face-to-face meetings, but it can also go even further by creating a deeper level of communication that no other method can create. It does this by introducing a wide array of features, such as advanced network monitoring, anonymous poll-taking, and advanced Q&A techniques, all of which are expertly designed to foster increased productivity levels. These features are seamlessly incorporated into the interface and are easy for even the least tech savvy among us to use.

The kinds of softwares described above are available from companies like BlueJeans and its competitors. By using services similar to HD video meetings with BlueJeans, you will have no problem staying in the loop of your company’s interoffice collaborations, no matter where your business may take you.