The Unlikely Xiaomi 'Arch' With Curved Display Surfaces

Xiaomi is currently the number one smartphone OEM in China. This company has already released a number of smartphones in 2015, including their Mi Note and Mi Note Pro phablet flagships. Well, the company still has to release their Mi 5 annual flagship, as well as the rumored Mi 5 Plus premium phablet. It is said that they intend to release the Mi 5 next month, and the Mi 5 Plus might follow in November, but we're still not sure. That being said, another Xiaomi-related leak popped up online, showing off a mysterious Xiaomi-branded handset codenamed 'Arch'.

This is actually not the first time we hear about Xiaomi 'Arch', but it is the first time we see a leaked image of it. If you take a look at the provided image, you'll see the alleged Xiaomi 'Arch' in the flesh. As you can see, this handset sports a curved display on one side, but considering its huge bezels and uncanny similarity to the Mi 3, this image is hardly legit. As you can see, this handset's bezels are extremely thick, and the device looks very odd, it's hard to believe Xiaomi would opt to release something like this in 2015. Judging by the photo, this phone's display size is around 5-inches, and we won't say it's definitely not real, but this image sure seems fishy. We'll let you be the judge of that though.

It is possible that Xiaomi is working on a device with a curved display, we've seen a number of rumors going around in the past, but the company will quite probably want to perfect its design before they opt to release it. That handset might not see the light of day this year at all, as we're waiting for both the Mi 5 and Mi 5 Plus to launch. Who knows though, perhaps Xiaomi manages to surprise us and actually release their very own curved display smartphone before the end of 2015. Either way, stay tuned for more details regarding all of those devices. The Mi 5 is expected to launch soon, and we'll report back as soon as something new pops up, as always.

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