Unknown Google Device Pops Up On FCC Filing


Google are full of interesting products and services. While some make it to the market, others do not and others seem to maintain an equilibrium of will they/won't they. That said, recently, there has been a number of rumors circulating around two specific Google products which are expected to land soon enough. While, you might be thinking there are certainly more than two Google products being rumored, the two in question are both follow up devices, the sequel Google Glass and the sequel Chromecast. Neither has seen massive information released about them, their existence or their functions, although, in comparison a sequel to Glass has been far more widely covered than a follow-up Chromecast has been.

Well, an interesting FCC filing popped up last night and if you haven't guessed yet, this one was filed by Google. Now, straight away it needs to be said that the filing does not provide any firm details on what the product is. Instead, the filing seems rather well equipped to protect the product's anonymity. Which in itself is quite telling. That said, it does come with the model name 'GG1' attached. Of course, immediately, the assumption is and will be that this is Google Glass. However, one of the features in particular, seems to offset the notion that it is Glass. This is the fact that the device is compatible with both 2.5GHz and 5GHz WiFi support. Of course, there is nothing to say that a sequel Glass would not accommodate both, but it seems unnecessary and much more in line with what would be expected of a media streaming device like the Chromecast.


That said, there are also a number of features being noted by Droid Life (who noticed the filing) that seem to be non-Chromecast like. A perfect example of this is the listed rechargeable batteries. The filing also details that the device has Bluetooth support, comes with a USB lead (for data transfer) and an AC charger. So although, this could be Glass 2.0 or a sequel Chromecast, it could also be something completely different and new. Either way, you can check out the filing in full for yourself by hitting the source link below.

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