UMi To Release A Dual-Screen Handset Soon

UMi Zero 2 1

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, and we’re seeing a lot of them being pushed to the market on a regular basis. Considering the amount of smartphone that are available out there, it’s becoming really difficult to differentiate and appeal to consumers. We’ve seen a ton of interesting concepts being pushed to the market in the past, and one such idea came from Yotaphone. This company has released a dual screen device back in 2012, and its successor last year. This handset sported a regular AMOLED panel up front, and a power-efficient E-ink display on its back.

That being said, Yotaphone is not the only company which announced such device. Siswoo has unveiled the R9 Darkmoon smartphone which works on a similar concept and is available for pre-order at the moment. Speaking of dual-screen phones, it seems like UMi is about to join the game as well. This Chinese smartphone OEM has recently posted a rather interesting image on the newly-opened ‘UMi Zero 2’ Facebook page showing off a dual-screen smartphone and a ‘Duplex Life, the best from UMi’ tagline. C0nsidering its name, this handset will almost certainly be a direct successor to UMi’s 2014 flagship, the original UMi Zero. Our source has also mentioned that this device will sport a same technology to Yotaphone, which means that it will include an EPD display (E-ink technology) on its back, while a regular panel will be available up front. The EPD display will be perfectly readable in sunlight, and it will be power-efficient, of course. In case you’re not that familiar with E-ink technology, these are actually grayscale displays, and are not exactly meant to be used for all operations on the device, but will do great for reading and notifications for example.

There you have it folks, it seems like another dual-screen smartphone will hit the market soon. We still don’t know when exactly UMi plans to release this handset, but it might arrive in the next couple of weeks. Either way, we’ll report back as soon as additional info pops up, stay tuned.