Top Android Homescreen July 12th: G-Cards

With the 4th of July weekend last week, we took a break from posts which meant you were stuck without a new homescreen to test out. We're back with a new design for you though and this one is a pretty good find if you like to customize your homescreen setup. Like most of our picks we found this on mycolorscreen, and the credit for "G-Cards" goes to the ever popular David Pitoko who has a knack for creating some pretty cool designs. This one utilizes KLWP as well as Nova launcher, so if you like KLWP, this one's for you.

As always we'll go over what apps you need to install to recreate this design on your own phone, and then we'll go over the basics of how to set it up. First things first, the installs. You'll need Nova launcher, as well as Kustom Live Wallpaper (KLWP), and that's it for this particular setup so things should be a little bit easier this time around. Now that you should have both apps you need installed, you'll also need the design itself, which you can pick up from the Play Store here. After that it's just a handful of steps and you'll have a new cool looking homescreen to show off to you friends.

Begin by going into your Nova settings and modifying your homescreen grid. Set things to either 6 x 6 or 8 x 8, either works and are both recommended by Pitoko. Next make sure you have 2 pages set up for Nova and 2 pages setup for KLWP, set wallpaper scrolling to on for Nova, and then make sure to hide the dock. Lastly add your KLWP pages for each homescreen page and you should be done. Have a great rest of the weekend and happy theming!

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