Top 5 App Monetization Mistakes To Avoid

Everyone wants to make money from their hobbies, right? For some, developing apps is just that, a hobby. And some are able to make a decent amount of cash from that hobby, from monetizing their apps. However, there are some mistakes that developers make when monetizing their apps, unfortunately. There are a few mistakes that could cost developers quite a bit of cash, whether it be from their monetization model, or from using a certain app monetization company.

Ad Formats

There are dozens of ad formats out there, especially when we're talking about mobile. There are square ads, rectangle ads, and they also come in all sorts of sizes. The big mistake here is failing to optimize these ads for your app. This is where you need to think about it from your users' stand point. If you are using an app with a big ad on the screen covering up buttons and information on your screen. How likely are you to continue using the app? Probably not that likely. That's why it's super important to be sure these ad sizes and formats are optimized for your app, and optimized for the many screen sizes that Android runs on.

User Privacy

It's no secret that many ad companies get info about your browsing history, browsing habits and much more info, to target ads to you. The whole point in this is to show you ads that you'd be interested in. Instead of showing you an ad for a product you'd likely never buy. This helps both the advertising agencies as well as the developer showing these ads to make more money. The mistake here is developers not being transparent. It's very important for developers to be transparent about if they are collecting data and what data they are collecting.


This can also be a big mistake. If your demographic is for teenagers, don't show them ads for buying a house. They likely won't be interested, and you'll just be wasting bandwidth by serving that ad. That's another reason why it's important to use an ad company instead of just a single ad that is shown to everyone.

In-App Purchases

In-App Purchases or IAPs, are the easiest way for developers to make extra cash. Especially for game developers. However, too many IAPs can turn off your users from using your app. For example, Electronic Arts is well-known for having a ton of in-app purchases for their games, and there are plenty of levels that you can't get past without spending some cash. This will turn off users from using your game or app. And it becomes a big mistake.

Price per Install

Aside from IAPs, charging an amount per install is pretty common as well, and a quick way to generate some money. But if you have users that have been using your app for years, you aren't getting any cash out of them. Which can limit the amount of cash you are generating, unfortunately. This is where Freemium gained its momentum. It's a good idea to look at freemium or in-app purchases for your apps, as they will continue to drive cash into your pocket.

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