Top 10 Best Android Wear Apps and Faces Monthly - July 2015 Edition


Android Wear devices have been on the market for some time now, and as a result, there are a lot of you out there with a thirst for fresh, new apps and watch faces all the time. It can be really quite difficult to discover new apps on Android Wear, so each month we put together a list of some of the best Android Wear apps and Watch Faces from the last few weeks.

Travel Watch Face for Wear

As the summer is here, it's understandable that people will be heading on their vacations and hopefully away overseas. If so, why not indulge in something like this Travel Watch Face, it shows the temperature as well as a jetsetting kind of theme. It's perhaps best suited for round Android Wear watches.


Calida works with Nest

Changing the temperature in your house with your phone is futuristic enough, but with Calida you can do it through your smartwatch as well. Calida is a neat little app that doesn't ask too much of its users and is easily one of the best ways to stay on top of your thermostat, perhaps on the sly right from your wrist.


Dutch Railway Station Clock

Certain people like to obsess over certain things. Railway clocks are one of those things. It's easy to see why though, shining beacons of modern design that thousands of people passing through that one station rely on every day. So, why not put one on your wrist? That's what this niche watch face does, and I have to say it's a pretty modern-looking clock face, and will be great on a round Android Wear device.


Wear 5-TILES


5-Tiles has recently launched on Android Wear, bringing a compact keyboard to your Android Wear smartwatch. Thus allowing you to compose messages on your watch as you would on any other device. The problem with it right now, is that it's pretty clunky and kinda fiddly to use, it is however good fun to try out and could be a sign of what's to come.


BSOD Watch Face

Remember the early 2000's of computing? Weren't they wondrous times? All of those Blue Screen error messages and stuck programs were the best, right? Well, if you like irony and what to inject a little geeky nostalgia into your wristwatch, then this will do the trick nicely.


AloAlo: Voice Messenger

AloAlo is an interesting app, it's sort of like a one-way voice messaging app. It does however, allow you to send quick voice message from your wrist. This is kind of useful while on the move, or perhaps behind the wheel in a traffic jam as you can send message to people back at the office or back home.


LGBT Watchface

We might be a little late to the party here, but the recent Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage will have no doubt touched many of you. This watch face is a simple way of keeping that celebration going, and something to have installed for new Pride events in the future.


Flightradar24 - Flight Tracker

Flightradar24 is not a new app, but it just recently updated with support for Android Wear. Which means you can now find out wear your flight is from your wrist, get it? Okay, I'll stop. This is a great way of keeping track of arrivals and also if you're just one of those people that likes to track planes, and no, we won't judge you for that.


Wear Inactivity Coach


This is a fun, cute way of getting out of that chair and getting active with nothing but your smartwatch. It's perhaps not for everyone, and it isn't designed as the next best fitness app. Instead, it's a fun way of hopefully getting you out of that chair or off that couch more often and more frequently than otherwise. I think we're all guilty of not being active enough.


Alarm clock for Android Wear

This little app couldn't be any simpler, all you need to do is set an alarm and then when the time comes, your wrist will vibrate. While not a necessity, I would imagine this would wake you up pretty well when snoozing on the commute to and from work, or when trying to get a power nap on the couch or something.

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