Top 10 Best Android Deals From the Past Week – July 25th, 2015


Each week, we post a number of great deals and sales regarding Android hardware as well as accessories. Now it's time to take a look back at the 10 best from the past week, as well as which ones are still on sale.

Aukey Multi Port USB Wall Charger – $5.99


This is a 4-port wall charger from Aukey. It has two 2.4A ports as well as 2 1A ports. It's a great product for charging multiple smartphones or tablets at the same time. As you can charge up to four devices without using more than one outlet.

Aukey Multi Port USB Wall Charger

Skullcandy Navigator On-ear Headphone with Mic – $20


These headphones from Skullcandy are pretty neat and are on sale for just $20. They are on-ear headphones, so they don't cover up your entire ear, but still give you plenty of sound. They also have an inline microphone so you can take calls.

Skullcandy Navigator On-ear Headphone

CHOETECH 50 Watt 6 Port Desktop Rapid USB Charger – $17


Similar to the Aukey multi-port USB wall charger above, this one from CHOETECH has 6 ports. And is more for your desk. But it can charge all your devices at the same time, which is a huge life-saver.

CHOETECH 50 Watt 6 Port Desktop Rapid USB Charger

Tronsmart 5-Port Desktop Charger For $19.99 W/Code


Tronsmart also has one that's on sale this week. This is a 5-port desktop charger, and it's currently on sale for $19.99 with the promo code 3AU78ZU4. So get yours while supplies last.

Tronsmart 5-Port USB Desktop Charger

KMASHI Quick Charge 2.0 Car Charger – $4.99


The KMASHI Car Charger isn't your normal car charger, it's a Quick Charge 2.0 car charger, and is available for just $5 right now. Even if your device doesn't support Quick Charge, the charger will just charge it at its normal speed.

KMASHI® Quick Charge 2.0 (12V/1.5A 9V/2A 5V/2A)18W Smart Car Charger

Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5 For Only $314.99


The Samsung Galaxy S5 can still hold its own against the high-end flagships out there, some 18 months later. And you can grab one right now for just $315 from eBay. That is the unlocked price as well, so no contracts here.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked $314.99

Unlocked Verizon HTC One M7 For $117.95


The HTC One M7 for Verizon is also on sale, and is still a very good smartphone for its price. Right now it's on sale for just $117.95, that's one heck of a deal for this smartphone.

Unlocked Verizon HTC One M7 – $117.95

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 Nook For $109.99

Anyone remember the Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 Nook? Well it's on sale for $110. It's essentially the same as the regular Galaxy Tab 4, but with Barnes & Noble's apps on board.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 Nook

Bose SoundTrue Earbuds Only $99.99

These SoundTrue earbuds are currently on sale over on eBay for just $99.99. This is important because Bose products are almost never on sale. And these are some pretty high-quality earbuds here.

Bose SoundTrue Earbuds $99.99

Samsung Galaxy S6 for $499, Galaxy S6 Edge for $599

Some pretty darn good prices here for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Right now the Galaxy S6 is going for $499 unlocked with the Galaxy S6 Edge going for $599. Get yours while supplies last.

Samsung Galaxy S6 – $499

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – $599