Third Android M Developer Preview Delayed

Earlier this year, during Google I/O 2015, Google announced the new version of Android, dubbed Android M. Instead of releasing the update there and then, as Google have done in the past, they decided to do as they did with Android Lollipop; start off with developer previews. This gives app developers and the community time to get used to new features and design changes before the update arrives in the Fall, but more importantly it means apps and games are ready to go when Android M starts to roll out to devices. This year, instead of just one Developer Preview, Android M will undergo a number of updates before the full release this Fall. We recently saw the arrival Android M Developer Preview 2, and while many are looking forward to Developer Preview 3, it looks like there's a bigger wait than previously thought.

Speaking on Google+, Wojtek KaliciÅ„ski, told developers that the third preview needs "a little more time to get it out". Delays like these are somewhat unavoidable with big updates like these however, the wait will be worth it as the third preview will be "near final", giving developers the best chance to get their apps and games up and running before the final release of Android M. Nexus owners with the ability to test out such previews could also enjoy a near-final experience before the updates start rolling out.

This is something of a new approach for Google, who used to simply release new code out into the wild without a care in the world, but the company now takes a more nuanced and subtle approach to things. Instead of pulling the rug out from underneath developers, they're replacing the rug, piece-by-piece. For a lot of developers, this is perhaps a blessing, as they can avoid big bugs and crashes on new software long before it hits popular devices, giving them more time to work on their next projects. Developer Preview 3 should be the last update we see before Android M launches this Fall, and we should hopefully get to hear a new, tasty name for the latest version of Android around the same time. Any ideas?

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