The Google App Can Show You Popular Times For Businesses

Google App busy times 1

We’ve all been there: Finding ourselves stuck in the middle of long lines at checkout counters because we’ve stumbled into a store or business at the absolute worst time when it’s busy and congested. This may not stop you from going of course, because you still need to get things done and if you don’t go now you might not go at all. That is, unless you knew it was going to be busy before hand and could have planned accordingly. Google has a solution for us all with the Google app thanks to a new feature which they just added.

The Google app has long been capable of showing users all the relative details about businesses we’re trying to find, whether it’s looking for directions or checking up on hours of operation. Sometimes though, just knowing when your favorite coffee shop or local market is open for business isn’t enough. You might want to skip the long lines and go in when it’s fairly quiet because you may have a busy day ahead of you and could only have one shot at getting to these businesses. Perhaps you have all day but you just simply want to avoid waiting. The Google app can now help out in this regard by telling you not only when the places you shop at or visit are open for business, but also when the busiest times are to go so you can avoid them and go when it’s less chaotic.

It doesn’t look like the feature is live just yet, or it could be perhaps just live in certain locations, but once its available for use you can simply search for a business you want to go to and below the main details should be a listing of “popular times” which display a sliding chart showing you the up and down times of the business, allowing you to pick the best time with the least amount of people. For the businesses which are supported by this new feature, you’ll be able to see the most popular times throughout the entire week just by sliding the chart to the left or right so you can even plan ahead. Just one more way the Google app has become quite a bit more useful.