Telus US Easy Roam Is Now Live

As we announced yesterday, TELUS has updated their website today to include their new 'US Easy Roam' package to compete with Rogers' 'Roam Like Home' package for its US travelers.  Rogers' customers have enjoyed its $5 per day plan since announced in November, but neither Bell nor TELUS ever responded, up until now.  The new TELUS plan offers to extend your current plan when traveling to the US for $7 per day, up to the $100 limit per billing cycle implemented by Wireless Code of Conduct before a customer must give implicit permission to go beyond that $100.  This mean that you will be charged the $7 per day up to day 14 and then on the fifteenth day they will tack on the remaining $2 and after that your remaining 15 or 16 days are free.  Still not as nice as the $50 limit that Rogers included in their 'Roam Like Home' plan, giving you 20 or 21 days free.

The 'US Easy Roam' plan will tack on the $7 per day fee and will use the minutes, text messages and data included in your existing plan.  Should you go over your allotment then your pay-per-use rates will kick in and be added to your bill as well as the $7 per day fee - subject to the $100 limit.  Like Rogers' plan, you are only charged the $7 fee if you make or receive a call, send a text message or use data and once you are charged the $7 fee, your usage is valid for 24 hours.  TELUS cautions that you may have the 'US Easy Plan' or a 'US Travel Pass,' but not both on your device at the same time.

Any TELUS consumer customers on a monthly rate plan, sans the North American plan, are eligible to participate.  The 'US Easy Roam' plan is great for those cross-border shopping trips, long weekend other words, it is ideal for short to medium length trips to the US.  However, if you plan on being in the US for longer periods, you might want to consider one of TELUS' '30-day Travel Passes' that could save you considerable money.  For instance, TELUS' 'US Combo Pass 80' for $80 is good for 30 days and will provide you with unlimited minutes, 1GB of Data, Unlimited outgoing text messages and free incoming text messages.  For light users, there are $25 and $45 'US Combo Passes' as well.  It is easy to sign up for the 'US Easy Roam' service - simply text 'TRAVEL' to 7626 to add it to your device.  You will receive a text message to confirm your purchase and then you are immediately ready to start tapping into your plan as if you were still in Canada.

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