T-Mobile to announce new Promo Plan this Week

July 13, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

We know that this summer, T-Mobile is doing Uncarrier Amped, where they are amping up each of their Uncarrier moves. They already did Jump On Demand and last week they did Mobile without Borders. What Mobile Without Borders is, basically it amps up their Global Roaming they announced last year. So now Simple Choice users can cross the border into Canada or Mexico and still get unlimited 4G LTE, which is pretty great. And a big upgrade over the unlimited EDGE we used to have. However, those on the 2 for $100 family plans would need to pay $10 per month – that covers the whole account, instead of $10 per line.

T-Mobile’s COO, Mike Sievert has been teasing on Twitter that there is a new promo plan coming this week. That will be even better and include Mobile Without Borders. So it’s going to be interesting to see what T-Mobile can do for Uncarrier Amped this week and bring us even better family plans. Right now, Family Plans are super confusing, for all the carriers. We did a comparison over the weekend of the family plans for all four carriers to try and help everyone out though.

It’s important to note the Sievert replied to those with the 4 for $100 plan, over on Twitter. So we might see something bigger and better in regards to a four line plan. Sievert was interviewed by CNET this morning and said the new plan is “big, bold and cool”. So we’ll be interested to hear more about this new plan, and what exactly this new plan actually entails. Perhaps more than just data this time around.

Just a reminder, that Mobile Without Borders goes live this Wednesday, July 15th. So we should be hearing about this plan on Wednesday morning. We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we learn more about this plan. Who knows, John Legere could have some more tricks up his sleeve. Obviously he’s not happy just being #3, he wants to be #1.