T-Mobile CEO Promises New Un-carrier News Thursday

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Not many CEO’s would film themselves jogging in Central Park while announcing upcoming company programs, strategies, and advancements, but then again T-Mobile CEO John Legere is not most CEO’s. T-Mobile’s brash CEO went on Periscope to make some announcements and also to take some shots at his favorite targets, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure. Among the many nuggets, Legere dropped while running through a rain soaked Central Park was the fact that there would there be a new big Un- carrier Amped this Thursday by T-Mobile. Legere followed that with another announcement that following this Thursday T-Mobile would have a third in a row of Un-carrier announcement’s the following week. T-Mobile just had a Un-carrier last week in which it Amped its Jump program. This new Jump is essentially a phone lease program that lets you lease and upgrade your phone three times a year while paying a low monthly fee.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere also stated he will address all the noise the other carriers are making concerning all the recent programs T-Mobile has started. It does not take much to guess he is talking about his recent Twitter fight with Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure. Mr. Claure has been very upfront with saying that the new Jump Amped program is not as good a deal as it seems and that a lot of its lease program terms are misleading. This prompted Legere to respond to his recent criticism with a “You mad bro?” tweet while taking another shot at Sprint’s recent poor showing. John Legere also said that T-Mobile’s LTE coverage map is ahead of schedule and already covers about 300 million people at this point, beating its earlier projections.

T-Mobile started its Un- carrier initiative in 2013 when it rid itself of all contracts for its phones and moved to a monthly pay as you go plan while launching its LTE network that same year. Then in early 2014 T-Mobile introduced a plan that would make it easier to switch from its rivals by paying the early termination fees associated with accounts leaving Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T. T-Mobile also added Wi-Fi calling, free music streaming, and free unlimited data overseas. All of these Un- carrier moves have moved T-Mobile almost past Sprint as the nation’s 3rd largest wireless phone company in the U.S in terms of customer base. That leads us to this Thursday were we will find out what new Un- carrier move T-Mobile CEO John Legere has in store for T-Mobile’s clearly already nervous competitors.