Sponsored App Review: Soul Hunters


Soul Hunters is a sidescrolling role playing game, but not like a JRPG. It meshes together rpg elements with the ability to collect heroes as well as real-time strategic battles and challenges within dungeons and such. It features a story to tie things together and make it feel more immersive, and as you collect loads of different heroes each one will level up and gain better stats and more abilities. Alongside the single player story there is also some PvP  battles you can engage in with other players so there should be something for both those which like to play out campaign modes and those who like to play a more competitive offering.

Before you can get to all the action you'll want to download Soul Hunters from the Play Store to get started. As soon as you launch Soul Hunters the game will immediately start downloading the additional game files and soon enough you'll be off on your adventures.Screenshot_2015-07-14-09-28-30


Right from the start Soul Hunters walks you through the game almost like a tutorial to help new players learn the game, something which is a nice touch if you're unfamiliar.Screenshot_2015-07-14-09-27-22

You start off with three different heroes in your party, although you can collect more as you progress through the game and there are more than 80 heroes to collect.Screenshot_2015-07-14-09-28-39

Combat happens in real time but it's also somewhat automatic, so you won't have to do much during the battles for normal attacks as your heroes will do that on their own. When the gauge for the ultimate attack fills up though you control when to unleash them, and to do so you tap on the icon of the hero who has the ultimate attack ready.Screenshot_2015-07-14-09-27-53


Each hero has specialized attacks and ultimate abilities, so if you have more than one ultimate ability available you'll want to choose wisely on which attacks to use.Screenshot_2015-07-14-09-27-14

There will be a handful of different quests to complete while following the story, with multiple locations to explore as the story progresses. Each location will have its own backdrop and set of different enemies with which you'll do battle. There is also a game mode called crucible of fire which rewards players with chests full of loot for completing each of 15 stages, with every stage increasing in difficulty.Screenshot_2015-07-14-09-30-41

Alongside the quests, there will also be dailies you can complete that will reset each day, with rewards ranging from experience to coins and other items. Once dailies are completed, like quests, you can collect your reward from the menus. If you're in a guild you can also go through the guild raids which let you complete campaigns with your guild mates.Screenshot_2015-07-14-09-30-19


During quests and battles enemies you face can drop useful items and gear which can be equipped by your heroes. You'll also face off against bosses at the end of each level which can also drop items. After quests are over, you can see the loot drops and decide what to do with them from there.Screenshot_2015-07-14-09-28-30

Forming the right party can be crucial to certain quests, so you'll want to pick the right heroes to give your team a well-rounded set of abilities and attacks. Heroes can also be upgraded to increase their stats and attacks, so you'll want to take this into account when forming your party as well.Screenshot_2015-07-14-10-33-44

Logging in daily can earn you useful in-game currency or items, so playing each day has its benefits. You can claim these rewards from letters which show up in your mailbox or by opening chests from the summoner's circle which are free every so often after a timed reset, or you can use gems to open them again immediately.Screenshot_2015-07-14-10-32-32


The great thing about Soul Hunters is that it's got enough to do to keep you interested for quite some time. With loads of single player story quests you'll have plenty to play through before things start to feel a little repetitive, and even then you'll have PvP/Arena battles to engage in with other players. Daily quests can help you acquire the items and gear or currency you'll need at various times so there's incentive to continue logging in each day and playing. For those that like accomplishments, the large collection of different heroes will certainly give you something to strive for. Visuals are nice which adds some points to the enjoyable factor of the game, and players should especially find the ultimate attacks pleasing to view as well as carry out.


  • Speed (5/5) – The game follows along at a decently fluid pace, and things never felt slow or sluggish which is a must have with games.
  • Features (4.5/5) – There's plenty to do whether you enjoy playing by yourself or competing against others which gamers are sure to find fun and engaging.
  • Theme (4/5) – The game looks great and it feels like it's been well thought out in terms of building up the characters and the story to keep gamers interested.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – It's an rpg of a slightly different pace and that is somewhat refreshing to have a game which feels like it can be picked up and played for only 5-10 minutes if that's all you have.


  • Huge selection of heroes to collect to make varied parties and give the gamer choice from tons of attacks.
  • rewards system for logging in daily, daily quests which can be completed to collect more items, gear and currency.
  • Enjoyable visuals and attacks.
  • PvP Arena gameplay to battle against other players.
  • New version of the game was launched which doesn't require additional file downloads.


  • Game had absolutely no audio, so it didn't feel as immersive as it could have.
  • No option to skip the guided gameplay when you first start which could be off-putting to certain gamers.

If you love rpg type games, Soul Hunters is a great option for some role playing action which is easy to pick up and play. Since it's not your traditional complex jrpg or fully open world rpg, you don't feel like you'll need to sit down and play it for at least an hour to get anything done, which is nice if you need a quick fix of some rpg elements. With lots to do as well it's a game that could potentially last a fairly long time for those who only play it here and there throughout the day for shorter periods of time giving it plenty of replay value. The game is also available on iOS and was rated as one of the top 10 new iOS games for June 2015, so if you have an iPad or iPhone you aren't left out. Overall it was a great bit of fun, and free games are always nice when they're fun to play.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1