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Daily Calculator is an Android app that, yes, is yet another calculator app for Google's platform. However, rather than be something that reinvents the wheel or offers scientific equations to solve the mystery of life, Daily Calculator is designed to be as easy as possible to use day-in, day-out. With a simple calculation history, a memory feature and a raft of themes to choose from, Daily Calculator aims to extend the functionality of your calculator app by as much as you need it to, while adding a little something extra. With a free version available, there's no reason not to give this try. The question is whether or not this can replace the stock calculator app on your Android device, read on as we hope to answer just that.

First of all, you'll need to download Daily Calculator from the Play Store, there is an ad-free version of the app available as well, for those that aren't interested in ads. Opening up the app, you'll be notified of some tips and what's new.


2015-07-29 09.23.56

The default interface is pretty good-looking, and there's little to complain about:

2015-07-29 09.24.15


Sliding out the menu from the left reveals a number of options:

2015-07-29 09.30.03

There's a myriad of different themes you can apply as well:


2015-07-29 09.30.09

The green here is a nice and fresh look for my turquoise Moto X:

2015-07-29 09.30.20


As far as actually calculating things goes, there are no issues in site with this. It works like a treat, it's really fast and well, it's a calculator.

2015-07-29 09.26.04

The above shot is one of the key features that helps separate this from other simple calculators out there. It keeps a neat and simple history for you to look through, and you can long press to have the latest calculation copied to your clipboard, this means it's nice and easy to just paste the answer into a text message, for example:


2015-07-29 09.26.29

Daily Calculator is well, it's a calculator app, and there's not a huge amount you can say about such a thing, or is there? Calculators on smartphones have, for a lot of us, becoming a handy little utility to fill in the gaps when we need to work something out. What we don't use our smartphones for is finding the answer to complex equations or algebraic questions, instead we either use a graphing calculator or a computer for this sort of thing. Which is why I am glad to see that this is not another calculator that tries to do too much and fall short. Instead, this is a neat little extension of what the default apps can do for us. It ads a handy and genuinely useful history menu, with a quick and easy way of copying these equations to another app, this is a nice feature. So too, is the ability to theme the app, with all of them included in the free version of the app, to help it blend in with your unique taste.


  • Speed (5/5) – This is one of the quickest calculator apps that I've spent time with, and it makes working things out nice and simple.
  • Theme (4/5) – Things do feel a teeny bit basic, but that's sort of the point. Besides, there are a wide range of themes available here as well.
  • Features (3.5/5) – It's a calculator app, which means that there are a lot of other apps just like it out there, with either more or different features on offer. Still, it does more than the built-in app on your device, and it's arguably easier to use.
  • Overall (4/5) – While perhaps a little underwhelming, this is a neat calculator app that can really help when working out things on the go and sending figures to people.


  • Worth checking out as a replacement for the built-in calculator apps available.
  • Makes it super-easy to copy a final answer into another app, like a chat or banking app for instance.
  • Offers up a number of different themes for people to play around with, all for free.
  • History is nice and easy to use, and quick to update and clear.


  • Feels like just another calculator app at times.
  • Option to copy more than just the last answer from history would be nice.

All-in-all, Daily Calculator is an Android app that does exactly what it says it does; it provides a more fully-featured experience than the stock calculator app that Google ship with Android and manufacturers like Samsung and co throw in. It's free to use, and the ad-free version doesn't cost much at all, so there's a lot of value on offer here, as well.



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