Sponsored App Review: CPU Spy Reloaded


There are certainly a lot of different system monitoring apps out in the Google Play Store, with great and varied functionality. Unfortunately, these types of applications have never been praised for having a great design, in fact most of the popular system monitoring apps have a rather unattractive design. CPU Spy Reloaded is one of the few applications that closely follows Google's Material Design guidelines without sacrificing any functionality at all. This recently released application's main goal is to provide the user with beautifully displayed information that is easy to read and understand.

With a great implementation of Google's latest design language throughout the whole app, CPU Spy Reloaded is one of the best looking system monitoring applications out there today, but the overall design is not the only thing that users will enjoy about the application, as CPU Spy Reloaded includes a wide variety of useful features to analyze the usage your device's CPU is getting and discover if your smartphone or tablet is suffering from any kind of battery drain. The GPU and device information is also easily viewed and displayed with an equally beautiful design.


When first opening the application, the user is greeted with an eye-pleasing pie chart where the CPU usage is separated into the different states by how much time the device has spent in them. This is extremely useful for developers when debugging either an application or testing a brand new ROM as he or she will be able to see specifically when their device is performing any unnecessary tasks.


After tapping the middle tab, a bar chart is displayed with basically the same information that was shown in the main pie chart, but in a more detailed manner. In this screen, each state of the CPU is shown with exactly how much time the device has spent in it, including the Deep Sleep state. This state of the CPU happens when your device isn't awake and using the least amount of battery, CPU Spy Reloaded analyzes how much time the device has spent in said state and provides the user with an insight of the percentage it represents.



On the third  tab, you will be able to see the overall device information, including details about the CPU, GPU, and battery. These are presented in four colorful blocks made with the Material Design palette in mind, which follows the overall theme of the app. In the first and top block, the CPU information is displayed, users will be able to know the architecture, ABI, temperature, and even the real-time clock speed. In the second block, the device's information and hardware is displayed; the device's model, board, bootloader, platform, manufacturer, Build ID, Android API, and the kernel are easily viewable. The third block shows the GPU's details, such as the renderer, vendor, and GL version. The fourth and last block showcases your device's battery level, voltage, temperature, health and type.





  • Speed (5/5) – CPU Spy Reloaded offers a really fluid user experience with real-time updates and a virtually no loading times.
  • Theme (5/5) – This system monitoring app, is one (if not the best) looking on the Play Store, it follows the Material Design guidelines set by Google really closely.
  • Features (3/5) – CPU Spy Reloaded has all the necessary features a developer might need, but it feels rather simple, it seems as if something is still missing from the app.


  • Beautiful Material Design theme throughout the whole app.
  • Fast and dynamic animations.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Real-time updates for useful information.


  • Feels rather simple.
  • PRO version lacks added features.

CPU Spy Reloaded is a great and useful application for everyone that wants to know more about what's happening inside their device, although it is especially aimed for developers as the app displays some pretty vital information about several key aspects that might affect the device's performance. CPU Spy Reloaded is available in two versions, free and PRO (sold for $1.26). The only difference between the two versions is that CPU Spy Reloaded Pro includes a light theme which looks rather attractive, but is not completely necessary.