Sony Launches Game Streaming App For Xperia Devices

Live streaming is becoming more and more popular, and as such gamers are getting more and more ways to engage with the practice, made popular by streamers on Twitch with charismatic personalities and gamers with a thirst for competition and the willingness to put their sessions up online for others to watch. In the mobile space, there are really just as few options out there for streaming your mobile gameplay sessions as there are for PC and console streamers, but the list is growing even if very slowly, with options like Kamcord, and Samsung's recently launched option for Galaxy devices.

Now, Sony is entering the mix with their very own option for Xperia device owners. Sony has just launched a new app called Live Screen Streaming which allows you to stream your mobile gameplay sessions to Twitch or YouTube. The app would be a great option if this was all it offered, but it also allows you to livestream any part of your phone, so if you fancy yourself a master of tutorials you can simply stream your help guides as the app will let you live stream any screen. The app doesn't state whether or not it also broadcasts the audio from your games or whatever else you're streaming, nor does it seem to carry an option to broadcast your face during game sessions like Samsung's app, so it seems a little more basic in terms of functionality at this point.

It also unfortunately doesn't seem to be compatible with devices in all regions thus far, but the app is live in the Play Store as of now so if you own an Xperia device and you like playing mobile games, you can check to see if it's available in your region. The only other limitation that seems to be present at this point is that to be compatible with the app, your Xperia device has to be running Android 5.0 Lollipop. Most newer Xperia devices have transitioned to Lollipop, but some older ones are still left waiting. This is a great start from Sony in the mobile game live streaming space and hopefully they'll end up adding more features and make it live for more regions soon.

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